Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Cleaner with a timer, stainless steel tank.


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Using only water, it generates thousands of pulsing ultrasonic waves which reach into the smallest spaces, lifting dirt, grease and dulling soap residues.

This spacious ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning hence, can be used for commercial cleaning of jewelry. It uses dual-wave frequency technology that generates quiet and stable circuitry, creating millions of microscopic bubbles for a thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. No need to use harsh detergent or scrub off the dirt during cleaning; add tap water, and you are good to go. With up to five preset cleaning cycles, you can choose a suitable frequency based on the nature of the material you want to clean. The digital display allows you to count down the length of time it will take to clean the watch, necklace, tools, instruments, combs, and utensils, among other objects.

  • High frequency 40KHz ultrasonic waves
  • Mains powered 240V
  • Size 210mm x 105mm x 115mm

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Weight 1.3 kg

210mm x 105mm x 115mm


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